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about otc and its sources

hello, and thanks for visiting my site. i don’t claim ownership the images posted on this site, except where noted.

in as much as old pictures of cats can be educational, this site is meant to be educational. it does not generate income. i share these images with the understanding that doing so is fair use. if you are the copyright owner for anything i’ve posted here and object to my use of your images—or if i’ve cited anything incorrectly—contact me at oldtimeycats [at] gmail.com. i will remove the image or correct the citation accordingly.

sources: below is a list of the libraries, archives, and websites i’ve pulled from most frequently:

agence eureka
bad postcards
the beinecke library, yale
boston public library
eastman house
field museum library
fogg museum, harvard
eastman house
jan willemsen
life magazine photo archive
library of congress
lp cover lover
maraid design
museum of the city of new york
the metropolitan museum of art
nationaal archief (the netherlands)
national archives (u.s.)
national library of wales
national maritime museum
national media museum
new york journal-american photo morgue
new york public library
old book illustrations
pets in collections
sandi vincent
soviet postcards
state library of new south wales
u.s. naval institute
vintage tails
wisconsin historical society

photographers and artists: here are the photographers and artists on my frequently-posted list:

allan grant
arnold genthe
arthur m. vinje
beatrix potter
charles van schaick
francis miller
george silk
gjon mili
horace warner
leslie jones
louis wain
nina leen
ralph crane
sam hood
walker evans